About Haveli

It is worth noting the origin of the name of the Haveli Restaurant. In India, before one begins anything, whether it is a human life or an enterprise, it is customary to go to the Sikh temple called Gurudwara, “the house of the Guru”, and ask the Bhaiji priest who acts as an intermediary to pray and ask the Guru for permission to begin.

In Italy, there are Gurudwara in Milan and Rome and we chose to go to the latter. At the temple, the Bhaiji (who had to request and receive permission from the Guru before we could begin our business) opened the sacred book of Guru Granth Sahib and, on the right page 69, he read the order of Guru for us, which began with the letter ‘H’. During the journey back to Florence, we chose the name Haveli, which in Indian means “HOME OF EXCELLENCE”.



The catering business cannot be improvised, it is planned with intelligence and methodically organized. Experience in the field of cooking and the skills of the chef are fundamental, but necessary also are great organizational skills, precision, timing, attention to detail and reliability. We are proud to be the only professional Indian catering business in Italy.

Quality of the Cuisine

Giotti Singh is not only the owner of the catering business, but most importantly is a recognized chef, a member of the Florentine Chefs Association, and also a professional sommelier. At every special event or wedding, he is passionately dedicated to the kitchen and directs the team of cooks and other service professionals.

Client Focus

We want our clients to feel like a king, a maharaja, we want to satisfy not only the pleasure of their and their guests’ senses, but also their desire for an event that expresses perfection, hospitality, attention to details, and beauty.

Compliance with the Law

Over time, our activity has consolidated thanks precisely to professionalism and compliance with rules and regulations. We have all the necessary permits, and all of our staff members have a regular employment contract.

Quality of Raw Materials

All of our gastronomic activity revolves around the well-being and the pleasure of the guests. We are convinced that it makes no sense to scrimp on ingredients that are critical to the success of our flavors.


One of the fundamental values of our catering business is elegance. From the elegance of the recipes and flavors, to the elegance of the service and place settings, to the elegance of the presentation of the dishes, and the elegance of the staff.

Honesty and Transparency

Our ethical code is bound to the idea that we like to earn through work. Once agreements have been made, we will never present a client with unexpected increases or hidden costs… everything is out in the open.

Flexibility and Availability

Our work method is precise and organized, but we are also accustomed to adapting perfectly to requests and specific needs, to fulfill the special wishes of a client, to create those touches that they believe will make an event or wedding personal and unique.


The story of Haveli Indian Catering & Banqueting began in 2000 when, after years of commitment and professionalism in the field of Indian restaurants, Jyoti, the chef owner and Rubel, his wife, bought a locale in Florence and opened their restaurant that they named Haveli.

Haveli was established on a special date: 13 April 2000, an important anniversary for every member of the Sikh religion. In fact, on April 13, 1666, the first Sikhs were baptized, the name from which is derived the ubiquitous Indian surname Singh, common to all members of this religion and to Chef Jyoti. This surname, the same for everyone – from maharajas to ordinary citizens – represents the sense of equality that, in times when castes still existed, brings with it a profoundly humane charge.

Born under this lucky star, the activities of the restaurant grew in fame and success. In 2007, Jyoti made an important investment for the restructuring of the locale. At the same time, he developed his catering business with collaborations that, year after year, grew increasingly excellent.

Commitment and professional success led him to expand the restaurant and hire new staff. Drawing on his experience in the management of the restaurant and collaborations with the most renowned facilities in Florence, the catering business grew in fame to become today the point of reference in Italy for special events and weddings for those who wish to delight in all of the charms of the Indian culture.


The staff at Haveli Indian Catering & Banqueting is composed of Jyoti and Rubel, owners and founders of the restaurant, and by professionals who collaborate as permanent staff members. Over the years, they have consolidated their teamwork, creating a synergy that allows them to cope with all of the requests and needs of their clients.

Jyoti: Chef and Sommelier
Rubel: Jyoti’s wife, Coordinator
Cati: Cook
Baldev: Cook
Kenny: Mâitre
Rajive: Dining Room Manager
Gurinder: Assistant Cook
Manpreet: Kitchen Porter