According to our spirituality, the guest who enters our home is God himself, who knocks at the door and, as such, must be welcomed and served. Our greatest desire is that the guests of the client who has requested our services perceives this sensation of complete centrality.


The catering business cannot be improvised, it is planned with intelligence, method, precision, timing and attention to detail.


Our objective is to please guests, the quality of the ingredients is the foundation for the enjoyment of our flavors.


From the elegance of recipes and flavors, to the elegance of the service, the place settings, presentation and staff.

Haveli Indian Catering & Banqueting

Haveli Indian Catering & Banqueting in Florence specializing in Indian cuisine is the flagship of the Haveli Indian Restaurant founded by Chef Jyoti (Giotti) Singh in 2000. Jyoti boasts the title of recognized chef and is a member of the Florentine Chefs Association and professional sommelier, passionately dedicated to the management of the kitchen, together with a team of professionals of the sector, while his wife Rubel attends to the general organization and looks after economic management.
In addition to the main locations in Florence and Tuscany, Haveli Indian Catering & Banqueting has organized special events in major Italian cities and in European and international capitals. It is an ideal supplier for special events and weddings for those who wish to delight in all of the charms of the Indian culture.

In addition to the primary Florentine and Tuscan locations, Haveli Catering has organized events in major Italian cities and in European and international capitals providing ideal service for events and weddings to all who want to enjoy the immense charm of Indian culture.

Indian hospitality

The values that inspire us in our work are professionalism and enthusiasm that guide us in the study of each detail; the joy of cooking following the ancient recipes of the Indian continent; the selection of the finest ingredients, chosen with care and with no expense spared; the passion that comes from our central role of the complete and continuous satisfaction of the client, who must feel like a maharaja; and the honesty and transparency that prevent unexpected increases in price and hidden costs.
Our philosophy, for every type of event, is to ensure that guests enjoy all the sophistication and detail of Indian hospitality. Meticulousness and research must transform every event into a great and perfect dream.