Indian catering for your wedding: 5 tips for you

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Choosing an Indian catering for your wedding is the way to make it really special and unforgettable. You will offer your guests a real culinary experience, a journey through the flavors of an ancient and extraordinary culture. An Indian catering, however, can also make your wedding a failure if it’s not done properly: to avoid putting the best day of your life in the wrong hands, here are 5 useful tips.

1. Choose an experienced and authoritative chef or restaurant

A lot of restaurants advertise their quality but this does not always correspond to the truth. What you read on an institutional website is certainly important to get an idea but it is not enough: to know if the restaurant you have chosen for the catering of your wedding is really reliable and authoritative, the best thing you can do is look for reviews. Those who have tried the service before you, leave sincere comments on their experience so you can really understand the quality of the work.

Experience also counts: a restaurant that has just opened and has never catered before is probably not the best choice if you want everything to be perfect.

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2. Choose a menu designed for your guests’ tastes

The marriage is yours and it’s right that you should decide. There’s no doubt about that. However, you will certainly want to offer your guests the most pleasant experience possible, so when deciding on the menu, keep your guests in mind. Choosing an Indian catering for a wedding in Italy is an original and sophisticated way to celebrate, but if there will also be Italians among the guests, it is probably better to ask the chef for a menu that also includes dishes of Italian tradition, to please everyone.

You might also think about reserving a corner of the catering to Indian and the rest to Italian or multi-ethnic cuisine.

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3. Setting coherent with the other tables

Indian cuisine brings with it not only dishes and flavors but also scents, colors and a typical atmosphere. If you’ve chosen an Indian catering for your wedding, you probably love all this, but unless the whole setting is reminiscent of the Indian world, you’ll need to make sure that the style and appearance of the Indian catering corner is in harmony with everything else.

The wedding setting must be harmonic and homogeneous and the catering company you choose must necessarily take this into account, both in terms of colours and style, to avoid an unpleasant aesthetic effect.

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4. Focus on vegetarian proposals

The vegetarian or vegan diet is becoming more and more popular and many people appreciate these dishes. Obviously, if there are vegetarians or vegans among your guests, you will have to take this into account when deciding on the menu, but even if there aren’t, proposing dishes based on vegetables and legumes is a great idea to liven up your banquet.

Indian cuisine is full of vegetarian and vegan recipes that will add value to your menu. So remember to choose with the chef a selection of dishes that will not contain meat or fish, in order to impress your guests and offer them an alternative they might not have expected!

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5. Impress with special effects!

Finally, know that your Indian catering can become a real attraction for your guests! The traditional Indian cuisine, in fact, lends itself to very original and curious solutions, which can attract attention and entertain your guests during the preparation.

Think for example of the ancient tandoor oven to cook meat and other dishes: it would be a great way to amaze your guests if the chef would cook live using the tandoor oven or other traditional tools, unknown to most non-Indian people.

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Haveli has been involved in events and ceremonies for many years. Thanks to the experience of our chef Giotti and a professional staff, we are able to offer impeccable banqueting and the typical flavours of our traditional cuisine.

You can arrange everything together with our chef, whether you opt for a complete banquet or a corner dedicated to Indian catering.

Bringing the colors, scents and flavors of India to your wedding will be a choice you will not regret!

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