Private party: why choose an Indian catering

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Planning a party is fun, but it also requires time and effort to ensure that every detail is perfect. The buffet that you will offer your guests is of fundamental importance and choosing to rely on professionals who will take care of setting up, food and drinks will allow you to avoid nasty surprises and enjoy the party!

Indian catering can make the difference and turn your private party into an unforgettable event for your guests.

Good food for all tastes

When it comes time to choose the catering service for your private party, you must first think about who your guests will be. The food you offer must be able to satisfy many different tastes, possible intolerances or special diets. 

An Indian catering for private parties is perfect because it allows you to set up a buffet with meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan dishes. In addition, many recipes are made without milk and gluten, to satisfy even those suffering from allergies and intolerances.

Would you like to have a more precise idea of which recipes we could propose at your party?

Atmosphere and originality

An Indian catering for your events will immediately turn them into a triumph of colors and scents! Thanks to the characteristic setting, the food served and the aromas that will be released in the room, your party will be an original event, able to surprise your guests.

The exotic atmosphere of India gives any event a suggestive charm and a very special magic.

Our catering service takes care of every detail of banqueting and catering to give an Indian imprint that your guests will not forget and from which they will be conquered and surprised.

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Party themes

Indian catering is ideal not only to make a private party organized for friends and family special but also for special themed events.

Indian culture is very rich in spiritual festivities that are celebrated and remembered with special celebrations: on these occasions, setting up an Indian banqueting and catering is even more important because it is essential to create an engaging atmosphere and no detail can be out of tune.

In the same way, organizing an event that concerns the world of yoga, meditation or other oriental disciplines deserves a setting and a buffet that respects the philosophy and vision of these practices.

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Who to contact

Haveli has been offering an impeccable Indian catering and banqueting service for many years, with attention to every detail.

All our dishes are prepared by the chef of Haveli Restaurant in the respect of the Indian tradition, choosing only excellent raw materials.

We take care of everything: whether you choose a complete Indian catering service for your private party or just want to set up a corner of Indian cuisine, we will give you a magical and suggestive atmosphere made of exotic and enchanting colors and scents.

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